Giving Back
The Apple Tree Endowment Fund

A large part of what has made Midland, Michigan, one of the top communities in the United States has been the generosity of its citizens. Midland would not be where it is today if Dow Chemical, Dow Corning and others had not lead the way in pouring money back into our community.

Through their leadership, Midland has an abundance of people who give in terms of money and time to make Midland a place we will always be proud of. In this spirit, and with the help of the Midland Foundation, Badger and Julie Beall have established the Apple Tree Endowment Fund, to support programs benefiting Midland County families through parent and family educationl.

Badger and Julie believe that many of the problems in schools and society could be reduced by increasing the skills and awareness of parents. This is especially true of children in at-risk environments. Fortunately, a few local not-for-profit organizations agree and have already set up programs to educate parents on the skills they must possess and responsibilities they need to fulfill. These programs have been successful, however, their funding is too light at the current moment. The Apple Tree Endowment Fund is designed to help the most successful of these non-sectarian programs.

For every transaction, Badger and Julie will be making a donation. With these contributions and the generosity of others we hope to reach our goal.

Please help us meet the goal; refer someone.

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